Blackadder Goes Forth

Performance Review

The Jubilee Players once again took part in the annual Bucks Drama Festival, this time hosted by the Queens Park Centre. The players presented their version of the "Major Star" episode of Blackadder Goes Forth. With a very simple set, which effectively split the stage in two, the cast delivered a faithful and hilarious rendition of the famous TV show.

Blackadder himself was beautifully played by Andy Holmes, extracting every ounce of sarcasm out of each line. Ben Clarke was an excellent foil for Andy, instilling his character, Lieutenant George, with a childlike enthusiasm. The moment he bit the flowers brought the house down.

Alf Rogers was a perfect Baldrick, right down to his "cunning plan", and Bob was wonderfully portrayed by Hannah Rogers. Gordon Bishop had the largest, bushiest moustache even seen on stage in his role as General Melchett, ably supported by Chris Tyrrell as the bitter Captain Darling.

The production was deftly directed by Adrian Ripley, with Paul Styles providing the sound effects.

The whole evening was a great success, with a full house and some "interesting" raffle prizes, the book on napkin folding now holds pride of place in our household. Many thanks to the Queens Park Centre for being such excellent hosts, and here's to many more Drama Festivals in the years to come.


The Cast of Blackadder

The cast, from top left continuing clockwise:

Captain Darling (Chris Tyrrell), General Melchett (Gordon Bishop), Lieutenant George (Ben Clarke), Private Baldrick (Alf Rogers), Captain Blackadder (Andy Holmes) and Bob (Hannah Rogers)