Sleeping Beauty

Performance Review (Adapted from the December 2012 Newsletter)

Sleeping Beauty, written by Bob Taylor and Hannah Rogers and directed by the latter's dad Alf Rogers, was enjoyed by young and old on the three nights of 29th & 30th November and 1st December at the Jubilee Hall, Bierton.

Alison Bulman perfectly embodied the spirit of good as Fairy Nuff battling against the evil, well, very nasty Polaria Axis, the Wicked Witch of Winslow played with assurance and verve by Hannah Rogers.

Although cast in relatively small parts, Andy Holmes and Alison Still as the King and Queen of Biertonia, respectively  showed that they have experience , talent and poise to serve the Players well in the future. Mutt and Geoff, played by young old hands Bethany Styles and Joseph Capjon, the bumbling sidekicks of the Wicked Witch, provided humour as did of course Angelica Mobile Phone (the dame!) played skilfully as usual by Bob Taylor. Andy Capjon did well as Ray Shield, his/her long-suffering romantic target.

Young newcomers, Dhara Tankodra (Prince Harry Kleenex of Tringe) and sister Bijal Tankodra (Princess Stephanie Blowmenose), made a charming couple who acted and sang with confidence and skill. Alison Still's daughter Ellena (a villager) together with Ben Viney (Cedric, servant to the King and Queen of Biertonia, and Arthur the Horse) showed promise in their minor parts.

Thanks to all who contributed to the success of this production with a vast range of necessary and skilled tasks.

They include all those involved in set construction and as backstage crew: James Collard, Ken Evans, John Inman, Alf Rogers, Kieron Stanger, Bob Taylor, Chris Tyrrell, Jordan Wallace, Alan Webber; lighting: John Haes, Spike Stainton

Sound: Paul Styles

Make-up: Patti Reed, Jan Tunley, Moira Watts

Front of house: Margaret Curtis, Veronica Inman, Ann Pollard, Patti Reed, Anna Rogers, Mary Styles, Moira Watts

Choreography: Alicia Frankum

Prompt: Chris Brown

Box office: Alf Rogers

Posters and programmes: Chris Brown

Publicity: Chris Brown and Ann Pollard. 

It would be unforgivably remiss of us not to mention the unsolicited, yet most appreciated efforts of Raj and Chandra Tankodra. Daughters Bijal and Dhara were our prince and
princess in the panto, and Raj and Chandra threw themselves into supporting them and the whole group with Chandra providing refreshments for cast and crew during the breaks (and bringing in lovely cakes she'd baked at home), and Raj joining the backstage crew. We hope to see them for the next production!

We are also once more indebted to our president June Bradshaw and husband Tony for allowing us the use of their lounge in which to rehearse. The tea and biscuits go down extremely well afterwards!

Last but not least, our thanks once again to Jason Drury for arranging for us to use Prime Care's Rowsham premises for rehearsals.

Following the treasurer's calculations of expenses against ticket sales and raffles, the committee have agreed to make a donation of £200 to the Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance Trust.