Will and Kat's Big Day

Performance Review (Adapted from the July 2011 Newsletter) 

An entertaining and sociable evening was enjoyed on 3rd and 4th June by all courageous enough to accept the invitation to the most outrageous social event of the season. 

The guests and audience were received at the door (of the Jubilee Hall, Bierton) with varying degrees of decorum by the 'top table' actors, and wined and dined in customary style.

Their meal, however, was punctuated with humorous anecdotes and reminiscences from the top table regarding hen nights, stag nights, prospective honeymoon destinations and debates as to whether the meat spread really was paté de foie gras and the wine Chateau Petrus or merely Tesco's tres ordinaire.

The battle of the classes continued with the chavvy Maidenhead family on the bride's side involved in a mutually vindictive slanging match with the would-be superior banker family, the Sloughs (pronounced slows). Much venom was injected into the after-dinner speeches when the father of the bride and the father of the groom locked horns.

Alan Curtis fell naturally into the role of the arrogant, fascist, drunken banker father of the groom, whilst Alf Rogers did well as the down-to-earth father of the bride, who gave as good as he got in defence of his family.

The bride was skilfully played by Alf's daughter Hannah Rogers, and the mother of the bride by Damien Bishop in her amusing Ma Larkin mode.

The rest of the cast were: maid of honour, Kim Turner; bridesmaid, Olivia Hastings; mother of the groom, Ann Pollard; the groom, James Collard; best man, Andy Capjon; master of ceremonies, Chris Tyrrell; bride's gran, Patti Reed; vicar, Joyce Baxter; bailiff, heckler & auctioneer, Gordon Bishop.

Brian Spry sang and provided keyboard accompaniment, while Jan Tunley entertained the party with some delightful songs.

Sound and lighting was handled by Paul Styles and John Haes, respectively and Veronica Inman organised the catering, assisted by Joyce Baxter, Margaret Curtis, Chris Haes and Patti Reed.

The performance was scripted and directed by Andy Capjon assisted by Chris Roby, and Malcolm Baxter designed and produced the programme as well as playing a cameo role during the auction.

The cake was donated by Michelle Scott, and the wedding gifts wittily auctioned by Gordon Bishop, helping to raise more than £300 for the Turner's Syndrome Support Society.

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